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Enjoy Island Time at The Cove, Eleuthera


Some may wonder how this captivating island has stayed a secret so long. As the first settlement in the Bahamas, Eleuthera remains a hidden treasure despite its rich 300-year history. Fittingly named for the Greek word “eleutheros” – meaning freedom – a stay at this breathtaking Carribean island is just that. An escape to The Cove, Eleuthera takes you to a Bahamian island retreat tucked just 50 miles east of Nassau and enveloped by turquoise ocean waters. ###
After near destruction from a hurricane, developer Sidney D. Torres IV personally oversaw the re-construction of this property in 2013, transforming it into a magnificent boutique luxury resort. Its rebirth features vibrant décor with a contemporary, resort charm within the comforts of a secluded, 110-mile island. Named the “Best Secret Island on Earth” by Travel & Leisure, and winning a 2014 Fodor’s 100 Hotel Award, The Cove, Eleuthera Resort and Spa should top every traveller’s list this year.

The island itself boasts 40 acres of secluded property hugging the ocean, with cottages and suites sprinkled along pink sandy beaches for the most serene views. Built directly between the rocks dividing two coves, the Sunset Bar lets you dine alongside violet and mandarin skies. Behind private gates, a stunning 110 ft. Infiniti pool that floats 500 feet overlooking Caribbean waters is ready to refresh you. Proving it’s the top island destination in the world, The Cove is most known for the exclusive, intimate experience of an island retreat offering only 70 villas, guest rooms and cottages, and plenty of tranquility at your disposal.

Source:: SIRC